You had me from ‘when YouTube started’ all the way to your final ‘kick-ball-chain.’ As a fellow dancer, I love this throwback to your beginners mindset showing up in all your dancing chapters in life.

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Great piece, Michelle! And the closing is just spectacular. Nice photos too! I have to say I’m highly satisfied with the outcome of my prompt. Brava! 👏🏻

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Hell yeah Goose the Dancer!!!

How come you never bust a move on Zoom???

“shaking our fingers and bobbing our heads as we pantomimed Wannabe by Spice Girls.”

Ummm, why is there no recording of this? You must recreate this moment!

This line is sending me lololol

“…popping and locking as best as I could for a growing audience.”

poplockanddropit 🎶

I like that you mixed things up with this story! It’s fun.

It's not too late to become the dancer of your dreams👀

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"For the next few years, my friends and I would buy bootleg Bollywood DVDs from Patel Brothers" hahaha I've been grinning and this line had me cracking up LOL This is so much fun and I enjoy every minute of it!

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What a journey Michelle! Your excitement is coming across, hope you get many more chances to dance with this obsession that clearly makes the best of you come out.

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I loved this essay and deeply relate.

"I was an enthusiastic dancer, but compared to my peers, not very good." <---also me

Being tall and of mediocre skill, I was often in the back row of anything choreographed. I was reliable and dedicated, though, which counts for a lot. Sure, I was in the back but also the teachers would ask me to run the warmups or rehearsals in their absence 😉

I went back to dancing in my late 30s after a 15+ year absence. It's a huge part of my life again. It's not too late to let that faint heartbeat grow back into a full-on drum solo!

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Wow Michelle! This essay dazzles 🤩 I loved learning about the different styles of Indian dancing and seeing your life through dancing.

I used to dance tap and ballet as a girl, but gave it up for sports. I reminiscence on that feeling of being onstage. The lights too bright to see the audience but knowing your family is out there in the crowd.

I remember the first time I saw a group of dancers perform bhangra. It floored me and I got goosebumps. Something about watching dance routines makes me tear up. Like I can feel their energy on the stage. I know it's emotional but I can't help it haha!

Your writing evokes this feeling. I got goosebump and felt the tug at my heartstrings when you describe the dance at Georgia Tech. Thank you for sharing your story!

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Great prompt - and the photos bring this to life. It doesn't read as "beautifully" in email, then pops here! Love all your essays, Michelle.

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Love getting to know the dancer in you. What a wonderful view into your life and also Indian dance culture from start to end!

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This was so fun to read, especially with the Bollywood song on in the background!

Also, this is so inspiring: "I wasn’t upset about not being the best, but I was committed to improving. I showed up more often than people more talented than me partially because I needed the practice... My dedication paid off and in my senior year I was put in the line up for both competitions that year." YES YES YES YES YES I'm so glad you made it in the end!! With learning, dedication and practice, we can achieve anything!

AND after college: "Embracing a beginner’s mindset again, I branched out to different types of dancing." I love that you're dedicated to learning new dances and kept your joy for dancing alive, even though it's not related to school or work.

These lessons are so important, everyone needs to learn this love for learning with joy in mind!!! Thanks for sharing your story =) Which dance style do you want to learn next???

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When giants sleep, they awaken even stronger. I know that'll be true for your love of dance Michelle! Keep those syncopated steps coming with the suds and we will all be on the lookout for your next flash mob!

I love that you have so much of this journey captured in photos and that you shared so many of them with us here!

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Thank you for sharing this part of your life so generously. The photos are adorable. : ) But I don't see why all this couldn't go on a resume'! (The basic storyline anyway.) It shows so much character that you stuck with the practice and improved the way you did. Loved the little story about your joy group's joy at coming in third.

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I am enjoying your photos and videos so much Michelle. Such a fun piece :D

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